PERSONAL AREA NETWORK (PAN): A personal area network is a computer network used for communication among computer devices close to one person.

LOCAL AREA NETWORK (LAN): A network covering a small geographic area, like a name, office or building.

CAMPUS AREA NETWORK (CAN): A network that connects 2 or more LANS but that is limited to a specific and contiguousgeographical area such as a college, a military base, or industrial complex.

METROPOLITAN AREA NETWORK (MAN): Is a network that connects 2 or more LANS or CAN together but doesen´t extend beyond the boundaries of the immediate town city.

WIDEA AREA NETWORK (WAN): Is a data communications network that covers a relatevely broad geographic area and that often uses transmission facilities provides by common carriers, such as a telephone companies.

GLOBAL AREA NETWORK (GAN): Its specifications are in development by several groups, and there is no common definition.

INTERNETWORK: 2 or more networks or network segments connected using devices that operate at layer 3 of the OSI basic reference model, such as router.